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In light of this year's National Park Service's centennial celebration, it's our pleasure at Enjoy America! to help your family "choose your trip, pick some parks and enjoy this great land called America!"

We've chosen a great Road Trip to write about, the Pacific Coast Highway. One can start anywhere between San Diego, CA and the border of British Columbia, Canada. Read more.

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Sitting around the camp fire If you love camping at good quality parks but hate the high site fees, here is some great news. You can save 50% off at hundreds of quality RV parks nationwide with the Enjoy America! card.

Enjoy America! parks are privately owned campgrounds that are open to the public. You can camp at these parks already—the difference Enjoy America! makes is it cuts your overnight rate by half. Your 50% discount is good for the first night only, a few nights, or entire stay as specified by each park.
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